Timothy by Mark Tufo

by Mark Tufo
LENGTH: 3 hrs and 20 mins
Published by Tantor Audio, 08-13-12
Genre: Horror, Zombies, Apocalyptic

Reviewed by Paul (The Audiobook Reviewer)

Timothy was not a good man in life and being undead did little to improve his disposition. What will a man trapped in his own mind do to survive when he wakes up to find himself a zombie controlled by a self-aware virus?

©2012 Mark Tufo (P)2012 Tantor


Judging by the cover, Timothy starts out as a clown. Clowns are freaky enough on their own, without being a zombie. So would I want to listen to this audiobook? The answer is very simple, I am a fan of Mark Tufo's Zombie Fallout series and this title boasts to be something different in the zombie genre. I am intrigued by the statement in the summary that says Timothy is infected by a self aware virus, does this mean he in completely aware or being a zombie or that he is the zombie? I am also very interested to hear how Tufo has grown beyond Micheal Talbot and it fits right in to my zombie marathon I seem to be doing this Halloween.

Because I have listened to a handful of the Zombie Fallout series I obviously had expectations for Timothy. Boy was I wrong! Comparing Timothy to Zombie Fallout would be the equivalent of comparing apple to oranges, or my favorite comparison I could think of The Walking Dead TV show to the Brady Bunch. You think that's a pretty extreme differentiation, yes I pulled out the thesaurus, well I don't. I would consider the Zombie Fallout series about as family friendly as zombie books could be. Then there is Timothy taking two things we are already afraid of, clowns and zombies, add in a completely perversely deranged womanizing giant man as Timothy and you are left with an audiobook that is not for the faint of heart. My jaw dropped, I laughed out loud, I cringed, I wanted more and then it was over. I am now more scared of becoming a zombie than I ever was because just maybe I will know what is happening when I am devouring my father.

I find it funny how at ease Sean Runnette's voice made me when I started this audiobook. It was like seeing an old friend after years of being separated. I think what I like most about Runnette is the fact that he doesn't have the stereotypical super deep, super polished voice over guy voice. To me his voice make me think of the everyman, imperfect, and so perfect for a narration of another Tufo audiobook. I was surprise by how with ease Runnette seemed to be with this very violent, perverted and somewhat disturbing story. I am starting to see why Runnette has narrated most if not all of Tufo's audiobook, the two are like peanut butter and jelly, perfect for each other.

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