Tim 2: Timothy by Mark Tufo

Tim 2: Timothy
by Mark Tufo
LENGTH: 9 hrs and 26 mins
Published by Mark Tufo, 05-24-13
Genre: Horror, Zombies, Apocalyptic

Reviewed by Paul (The Audiobook Reviewer)

Timothy lived a life only a psychopathic sociopath could enjoy and understand. When he was bitten on the first day of the zombie-apocalypse he turned the tides on a single-minded virus he affectionately called Hugh. Together they terrorized a city before seemingly meeting their untimely demise. Nobody could have foreseen his resurrection. Tim's close call with death has done nothing to temper his missions in life, to live, to eat and to rule the world.

Tim is back and he's an asshole.

©2013 Mark Tufo (P)2013 Mark Tufo


I remember how much I enjoyed Mark Tufo's Timothy and couldn't figure out how in the world could there be a sequel. I mean Timothy died at the end of the first book didn't? With the infamous Michael Talbot make another surprise appearance in this one? Why is the sequel 3 times longer than the first? Then I noticed that Tufo self published this installment, and started to wonder why, was the story so bad that no one else would do it? I have so many questions and nothing else to do but listen.

Tim 2 was one of the most gruesome, disturbing and genuinely horrifying audiobooks I have ever listened to and I loved every second of it. Tim 2 picks up moments after the end of Timothy and has much of the same feel only more of everything. Only his body died at the end of the first audiobook and now Timothy finds himself with way more control over Hugh this time around. This next installment is really a combination of two separate but joined stories. First is Timothy terrorizing survivors of the zombie apocalypse which was completely heinous in itself. Then there is the story of the internal strife between Timothy and Hugh and Clarence, for a bit anyways, all Hugh seems to care about is eating and eating more trying to quench is hunger. While Timothy is much more interested in scaring the crap out of Hugh's future meals, sewing a face over his, painted as a clown, with filed teeth and he just won't die, think about it.. The struggle between them is quite humorous and entertaining. Tufo ended the story in a smart way that seemed like this tale is over, but you just never know, going to hard to say goodbye. Oh, there was no Micheal Talbot appearance and it was not needed. If you enjoyed the first audiobook of this duo, listening to Tim 2 is a no brainer, you will not be disappointed.

This was one of the best performances by Sean Runnette that I have heard, the man was somehow able to channel the essence of Timothy and produce on of the most interesting, likeable, hated, disgusting characters to date. Runnette was definitely energized for this one. The fact that Tufo has stuck with him through countless audiobooks is amazing and I think it adds to the preciseness of his narration, the experience with Tufo's writing is very clear and adds so much to what could not be written and is only implied. Listening to Tim 2 has rekindled my love for Runnette and will be listening to more very soon.

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