Lycan Fallout: Rise of the Werewolf by Mark Tufo

Lycan Fallout: Rise of the Werewolf
by Mark Tufo
336 Pages
Published by CreateSpace, June 6, 2013
Genre: Horror

Reviewed by Paul (The Audiobook Reviewer)

The world of man was brought to its knees with the zombie apocalypse. A hundred and fifty years have passed since man clawed and climbed his way back from the brink of extinction. Civilization has rebooted, man has begun to rebuild, creating new communities and society. It is on this fragile new shaky ground that a threat worse than the scourge of the dead has sprung.

Once again, one man finds himself once thrust into the forefront of a war he wants nothing to do with and seemingly cannot win. Follow along as Michael Talbot attempts to thwart the rise of the werewolf...

Being a fan of Mark Tufo and of Micheal Talbot I just had to give this new adventure a listen. I am not totally sure of what to expect other than another great adventure of Talbot, I am not sure if this is a continuation of the same story line as Zombie Fallout or if this will be a alternate reality of the character I have come to enjoy. Since werewolves, which I haven't listened to any werewolf audiobooks yet,  are involved I expect to have a bit of blood and gore while Tufo somehow manages to keep it light and comedic at times.

Lycan Fallout: Rise of the Werewolf was everything I wanted from another Talbot adventure, action, mystery, comedy, blood, monsters, and of course pop tarts. I was a bit surprised, having not listened to all of the Zombie Fallout series, by the situation that Talbot has found himself in. Again, Tufo creates a unique would that could only exist after the zombie apocalypse has been carried out, with sporadic groups of survivors all with different belief systems and mythology from the world that once was. At one point I thought where were going to be zombie werewolves, not sure how that would go down, but alas that branch of the story hasn't been traveled down yet. Lycan Fallout: Rise of the Werewolf is really about one man that has found himself living much much longer that he naturally should have and about him coming to terms with what he is and how he got to where he is. While it was not nearly as graphically violent as Timothy or Tim 2 it was thoroughly enjoyable and a must listen for fans of Tufo and/or Talbot.

I really hope that Tufo continues to use Sean Runnette as his defacto narrator for his stories. I am not sure if anyone else could do it the same justice and bring the life into not only Micheal Talbot but the rest of the clan. Runnette overall has an unusual voice for audio book performances, it is not crisp and polished, it is not deep in tone, but I think this is what make it so perfect for, especially, Tufo's audiobooks because his books are not clean and polished. A perfect fit for each other.

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