Zombie Fallout 3 by Mark Tufo

Zombie Fallout 3: The End…
by Mark Tufo
355 Pages
Published by CreateSpace, March 14, 2011
Genre: Horror, Zombies, Apocalyptic, Humor

Reviewed by Paul (The Audiobook Reviewer)

As the world spirals even further down into the abyss of apocalypse one man struggles to keep those around him safe. 

Side by side Michael stands with his wife, their children, his friends and the wonder Bulldog along with the Wal-Mart greeter Tommy who is infinitely more than he appears and whether he is leading them to salvation or death is only a measure of degrees.


Having already listened to the first two books of the Zombie Fallout series, Zombie Fallout, and A Plague Upon Your Family I felt like I pretty much had to listen to Book 3. I was full of ideas of where Tufo was going to take this story. My experience with series in general is the further away you get from the first story, the more diluted and uninteresting the later stories become, I really hoped that this was not going to happen. I had to set these preconceptions aside for The End: Zombie Fallout, Book 3 so I could fully enjoy the apocalypse.

The End: Zombie Fallout, Book 3 begins immediately following the conclusion of A Plague Upon Your Family, which I fully expected. Interestingly much of the first half of the book is told, instead of from Michael Talbot's point of view, from the point of view of Brendon, Michael’s daughters boyfriend, filling in what he was up to when he ran off in Book 2. We are also given more information on Tommy's background, which fills in a lot of his mystery. But here it is again, The Walking Dead + Everybody Loves Raymond. I feel like The End: Zombie Fallout, Book 3 doesn't break any new ground for the series, but does supply me with my ever needed zombie fix mixed in with laughter. I do find it interesting that this book is titled "The End" and the story doesn't come to an end, I am on the fence about whether or not to purchase The End Has Come and Gone: Zombie Fallout, Book 4 or not. I think I will have to mull it over for a while instead of rushing to Audible.com and buying it instantly.

Sean Runnette is again the narrator for Book 3, good thing too. Because I firmly believe that is anyone else tried to step into Michael Talbot's shoes a horde of people, hopefully people ;), would converge on Tufo and Tantor Audio and express that to them. I like Sean Runnette more and more the more I listen to him, I am actually looking at audiobook he has narrated just for that reason.

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