Zombie Fallout 3.5: Dr. Hugh Mann

Zombie Fallout 3.5: Dr. Hugh Mann
by Mark Tufo
324 Pages
Published by CreateSpace June 28, 2011
Genre: Zombies, Horror, Humor

Reviewed by Paul (The Audiobook Reviewer)

Before there were zombies.....There was the virus that started it all

I have been in love with the Zombie Fallout series since my experience with Zombie Fallout: Zombie Fallout, Book 1 and have been meaning to get back to the series as soon as time would allow me to. I had a few spare hours on an airplane over the weekend and decided to take a break from the book I was listening to and to divert my attention back to the highly imaginative would that Mark Tufo has created.

Zombie Fallout 3.5: Dr. Hugh Mann is a prequel to the entire Zombie Fallout series, set many years before any of the events in the rest of the story takes place and interestingly enough one of the characters we know and love or hate from the other books appears. The plot of this story revolves around Dr. Hugh Mann, a scientist, and the chain of events that is set off when he makes a startling discovery in the lab one day. Tufo has once again worked his magic with the written word to create and welcomed edition to the series. For those engrossed in the Zombie Fallout series, this is required reading. If you have not enjoyed any of the series yet, this should not be your first experience with the series.

Sean Runnette has yet to disappoint me in any of his narrations, maybe he is perfect at his craft, or maybe I am biased because I have listened to so many of his story tellings and have many many more in my queue. If you think he sounds goofy or are unsatisfied with him at first, please give the man a chance, I was the same way.

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