Kirk Allmond News! WTG Permuted

Congratulations are in order! Kirk Allmond, author of the best-selling What Zombies Fear series of books, was picked up by the pinnacle of zombie fiction, Permuted Press!

The entire series has been through yet another extensive editing and has all new covers.  The first five books in the series have been re-released, and a summer 2014 date is set for the release of the final book, What Zombies Fear 6: The Incarnation.
If you haven’t read them, you can check them out on all major retailers.

In addition to the critically acclaimed zombie series, Mr. Allmond has also released his first foray into Sci-fi with “The Evolution of Vaughn.”

“Vaughn” follows Vaughn Troupe, a former captain in the Fogerian Imperial Fleet, years after the war.  He’s settled into a comfortable life as a miner of argimonium.  After a routine trip to market, he returns to his moon to find dead bodies scattered everywhere, his wife dead, and his son missing.  Will Vaughn have what it takes to find his missing son, and exact his revenge on those who killed his wife?

“The Evolution of Vaughn” is available exclusively on Amazon.