The Walking Dead Review S04E02 10/20/2013

*Spoiler Alert*
Posted by Mike Lewis

So here we are into episode 2 of season 4 and already we have had more Walker action in the opening 2 episodes then we seem to have had in all of season 3.

There is no question the episodes are getting better and stronger and this is only the 2nd episode. We are seeing the bond between Rick and Carl once again becoming a feature of the series, as well as the nice ease of new characters and not just thrown then in our face and expecting us to warm to them without even getting to know them.

In episode 2. we had the continuation of the not-so-surprising kid turning into a walker in the shower, and his assault on the cell block. This was put together brilliantly and I don't think any of us could argue that the effects were brilliant, and in the words of my wife and kids, it really was rrrrrrrr gross. The effect after the assault I felt was put together very nicely as well. We had Carol and the kids, and their turning dad, and the fact we are seeing carol becoming harder and not think twice about killing while at the same time keeping her soft side during the episode with the two girls, I get the feeling we will see a strong bond between Carol and the girls over this series.

The mystery that is Michonne took a new twist, as we saw her handling of the baby, and the softer side of Michonne. Could this break down bring a new clue to her past and show us she is not as hard as she likes to put over? On the other side, it was also good to see the soft side of Rick.  He comes out of his shell and get back to the Rick we all like and know. His response to his son and the revelation that Carol had been teaching kids to fight was how I hoped it would be, and getting his gun back on was the right way to go about it…but how I wish his son could come to a sticky end. I just cannot warm to Carl, there is something I cannot put my finger on about him, but maybe that is a good thing. Even in a world of the living dead a teenager is a teenager with an attitude and one you'd love to just slap, lol.

The twist at the end of this episode and the killing then burning of two survivors opens up questions we all love about the show. Who, what and why. Of course we all have our own views, and I'm sure the Governor will come to many people’s minds, but I have a feeling it is closer to home, and a psycho teenager comes to mind be it a boy or a girl.

So here we go onwards and forwards to Episode 3 and the excitement that comes with being a Walking Dead fan.

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