The Forgotten by Jacqueline Druga - Win a Copy

The Forgotten 
by Jacqueline Druga
170 pages

As promised … the dead have risen.
As promised … there are chosen.
Hell on earth is an understatement.

Del Lincoln only wants to be a rock star. His ambitions go only as far as his next gig, until the day the earth changes. Millions vanish and a plague sweeps viciously across the globe, killing everyone infected. Three days later … they rise from the dead.

Now Del and six others are all that remain. They travel city to city, looking for a safe haven while trying to rid the land of the undead. They believe they are spared for a reason, when actually they are simply forgotten. However, within their group is one individual who was not meant to be forgotten. He must be delivered to sanctuary before the undead completely consume the earth. The Special One is the key to humanity.

It will take dedication and sacrifice to complete the mission. Del and the others may be forgotten, but if they succeed, the human race will never forget them.

Mankind is promised life after death, it is just never explained what the ‘Resurrection’ really entails.

A plague infects 99% of the population. It is said a mere 144,000 remain. Those afflicted succumb to violent illness, slip away, and die peacefully days after without regaining consciousness. Two days later, they rise. What started off as mere zombie lore quickly turns to a spiritual mission the likes of which readers haven't seen since Stephen King's, The Stand. A roving band of seven survivors travel city to city in search of others that escaped the infection and cleansing the infected along the way. Areas inhabited by zombies (nicknamed Dokes -Dead Odious Killer Entities) were gray and dry as they killed not only what remaining survivors they found, but the landscape in which they inhabited. Everything they ate and touched died, well, almost everything. Del, Mack, Alex and the other survivors discover they bear immunity from the bites and infection.

Our travelers, each gifted with a special talent to assist the group in surviving, find themselves on a mission for humanities survival. While the synopsis boasts Del as the main protagonist, I feel most character development was delivered through Mack. A father who lost his son and wife, Mack plays a crucial role in the groups survival and reaching their goal of delivering The Chosen One to safety. Aided by some divine intervention, The Forgotten takes its readers on a spiritual journey to save the souls of mankind.

It was refreshing to find a zombie book that didn't deliver the standard raiding and marauding. Instead, The Forgotten allows us a glimpse into a dystopian future. Part disaster, part spirituality, The Forgotten is The Stand for the next generation as told from the creative mind of Jacqueline Druga. I found the book both challenging and stimulating. The Forgotten is what happens when a gifted writer decides to attack a popular subject, and is a welcome addition to any post-apocalyptic fans library.

There were some story lines I felt could have benefited from more development. I would have loved to read more about the intriguing circumstances behind the disappearance of Mack's family. This part of the book could have become something very special. The Forgotten ends with a clear intent on more to come. Perhaps Druga will reward us with some more on that story!

Drugas writing style is clear and concise; The Forgotten’s progression flows across the pages with a rhythmic harmony. It is always a treat to review a zombie novel from the female perspective. In a genre that seems dominated by the male gender, I applaud Druga for gifting us with her creative submission to the genre. I award a three and a half star rating to The Forgotten. For the simple fact that I wanted more description, more character development outside Mack and Alex. I very much enjoyed reading the tale, and it was executed wonderfully. I struggled with deciding on a rating, three stars wasn't enough. That being said, I would like to point out that I have had the pleasure of speaking with Jacqueline Druga over the past few weeks, and she is a fantastic lady. 

Did they make it to safety? Did they save humanity from the damned? You'll have to buy the book to find out! (You didn't think I was going to give it all away, did you??)

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