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Three Rules
by Marie Drake

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Suspense, Psychological Thriller

I have to start off by saying that I added the note from the author (it is listed with the book synopsis on Amazon) because I think it truly gives you a deeper understanding of this book. A lot of times we read something and we say to ourselves “Like they have any clue what that’s all about”. There are a lot of things that no amount of research can really make you understand. I applaud Marie Drake for putting herself out there; I don’t know her situation, I don’t know what she’s been through, but I can guarantee that we saw just a little glimpse of her vulnerable side in Hope.

When I first started reading this book I groaned. Yep, I sat on my couch and let the sound come out and my husband poked his head around the corner to ask what was wrong. “It’s about a girl who was abused as a child”… as a mother, and the mother of a little girl, that always makes me cringe. I usually shy away from books that deal with any sort of abuse, but especially those where children are involved. Then I went and found the note from the author. I felt compelled at that point. She promised that no gory details were included and she held true to that promise.

All of the main characters are well developed. I’m not sure that I was a big fan of Hope at the beginning. And I know that my initial dislike of her had more to do with not being able to understand where she was coming from. Sometimes we just get that whole “get over it and move on” attitude when we are faced with other people’s demons. I fell into that trap, but the more I got to know her, the more I came to like her and feel her pain. The character was developed in such a way that you want to help her instead of pity her. We are given details of her abuse through a series of flashbacks. In a lot of books this type of story development can get confusing, but the author does a fantastic job of separating the past from the present, but melds it together to keep the story flowing. What we learn of Lucas is all from the flashbacks; and there are subtle clues given in each of these flashbacks that upon first reading you might just miss. There were several scenes I went back and reread because I realized a chapter or so down the road that what I needed to know was there the whole time.

Joey is amazing. He’s been Hope’s friend since they were children and is at the point where he refuses to let her retreat back into her shell. He provides the right amount of support without being pushy. Probably the only character that I never really connected to was Karen, Joey’s sister. I wasn’t real thrilled with her deception but, it was a necessary part of the story development. Joey and Karen’s parents played a large role, even though it was kind of behind the scenes. They were responsible for a lot of the relationships that were formed in this book. Not in a bad way, but you have to read it to find out what I mean.

My only criticism is the ending. Not that I didn’t like it… it just felt rushed. It was like we hit a scene and then BAM… everything was moving in fast motion. Rushing to get it out and get it over with. There were some chapters that gave us a whole lot more development over something that wasn’t as truly necessary to the plot (albeit still very enjoyable and didn’t in any way detract from the story) and here it was like everything was just thrown out there and we could do with it as we pleased. All the information was there, that A-HA moment was there; but it wasn’t nearly as dramatic as it could have been. Otherwise this book was flawless.

I look forward to reading more by this author. I was riveted by the first chapter and didn’t put it down until I was done. Hopefully the future holds more great books from her!

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“I have learned three rules in my life: 1.) The most dangerous people in the world are not always strangers. 2.) The scariest things imaginable are not those that can kill you, but those you can live through. And probably the most prominent: 3.) The most horrible possibility is not what could happen to you, but what you could become – I became a killer.” ~Hope Wellman

Hope Wellman has a childhood full of horrific memories, a bone chilling recurring nightmare, and a persistent paranoid sense of being followed that she would rather keep repressed. Is evil reaching from beyond the grave to capture the tattered remnants of her soul once and for all, is it only a machination of her disturbed mind, or is there something happening more sinister than even she can imagine?

Attending the funeral of her abuser is the first step in putting her life back together. She struggles with the fact she never told anyone what happened to her, and that the grave they are mourning over is empty. She'd find it a lot easier to move on and believe in the future if he were in the box, ready to be covered with dirt. She fears the last thread of her sanity has snapped when she sees Lucas everywhere she turns, and can't escape a recurring nightmare. Is her tormentor alive, or is she imagining it? Is her dream triggered by past fears or is it a prediction of the future?

I am a survivor of abuse. It changed me. I closed myself off. It changed the way I saw myself. It changed the way I thought others saw me. It changed my outlook on the whole world. It changed the way I let people treat me, and had a snowball effect on my life. I married an abusive man. I divorced an abusive man. I finally broke the cycle. I struggled to write this book, and express my own emotions as I felt the main character would feel. I didn't want to beat readers over the head with the abuse or give extreme details that would be too harsh. It was written with sincere respect and sensitivity for the reader while trying to convey the honest and realistic feelings of an abuse survivor. There are no gory detailed scenes. I also wanted to write the book the way I would like to experience it as a reader. I tried to leave a trail of information in the context of the story, that, while leaving the ending a surprise, would also make everything tie together in the final plot twist. I love unpredictable endings. Most of all, I wanted to express how important it is to encourage the discussion of abuse. In my book, as in my life, silence is the enemy.

Three Rules was written as fiction in order to make it an enjoyable read, but much of the thought processes, feelings and reactions are real. ~ Marie

Marie Drake lives with her husband and their four boys in a small town on Lake Ontario. She finds peace and contentment in its rich history, lovely landscape, and beautiful scenery. Sunsets on the lake are inspiring. Her family enjoys camping and hiking together.

She has a diverse spectrum of interests. Besides writing, she loves to cook, bake, crochet, and has a growing addiction to Words With Friends. She is a voracious reader. Thrillers and romance are her favorite genres.

In between soccer, football, track, basketball, and all other academic, sports, and musical events for the boys, maintaining a house and family, a small home business, and volunteering in the community she tries to squeeze a little time in for writing, and hopes to contribute something entertaining for readers.

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Length: 296 Pages (85,569 words approx.)
Published by: RedBird Digital
Publication Date: 2nd edition (January 2, 2014)

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