The Gullwing Odyssey by Antonio Simon, Jr.

The Gullwing Odyssey
by Antonio Simon, Jr.
292 Pages
Self-Published, August 8, 2013
Genre: Comedic Fantasy, Adventure

Reviewed by Hilarie Condrack

All Marco wants is to work his messenger job until he can retire. But when an unusual assignment sends him overseas, he finds himself broke and stranded in foreign lands. No sooner has his journey begun than he is beset by a neurotic bureaucrat, a headstrong princess, and a conniving wizard. 

Pulled in so many directions at once, Marco sees sour prospects for attaining his modest retirement dreams, much less getting out of the whole mess alive.


Antonio Simon, Jr. has created one of the most hysterical, lighthearted fantasies that I've ever read and enjoyed. Easily enjoyed by young adults as well as adults, this work is sure to please. Talking bipedal dragons, a comedic irreverence toward religion, and improbable red undergarments ensure that the read is light and doesn't take itself too seriously.

Tonally, the sarcastic and goofy humor is sure to resonate with Douglas Adams fans. Though certain fantasy elements are standard, there are new twists which keep Gullwing fresh. The Gullwing Odyssey begins the story as the most unlikely hero possible, but comes into his own through a series of crazy, unrelenting events reminiscent of Job: a Comedy of Justice.

Solid PG entertainments, various forms of magic, species, religion, and a bizarre cast of characters will delight most fantasy fans.

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About the Reviewer:

Hilarie Condrack is a librarian from Pennsylvania.

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