Review & Raffle! Mortal by Shawn Chesser

by Shawn Chesser

Genre: Zombie Horror, Apocalyptic, Military Fiction

I'm a total Shawn Chesser geek. I'm not ashamed of it! He writes incredibly exciting and action-packed novels. His latest release in the Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse series, Mortal, delivered as expected.

Mortal is full of action and likable characters. The story line is well thought out and gripping. Well into the series, Chesser wastes no time with introductions or build up. Because, frankly, it's already there. his books end in such a way that readers are left with no choice but to read new installments to find out what comes next. Mortal starts with a bang...or rather, a crash. The helicopter containing a small military team goes down in a graveyard and (the men that live through the crash) must get back to base.

Chesser's work is less outright zombie horror and more strategic. A game of Risk, anyone? I know zip about the military. But Shawn's expertise in that area makes it easy to slide into the action. Just call me General Monster!

There were moments in Mortal that had me downright laughing. His use of a character named Lieutenant Ben Dover. As soon as I saw the name, I lost it. I gave him a little golf clap for having the balls to use it. I was literally rofl'ing over here. I rated Mortal four stars. I still love the series, but it felt as if something was missing. One big battle, some more shock and awe. Don't get me wrong, Mortal was still full of great action, but there could have been more. Maybe I'm just being selfish because I have expectations solidified from his previous work. Does it change my opinion of the author? Nope. Does it make me question if I will read future books in the series? Hell no. I'm all in!

I know I'm not alone in my love for this series, because 92% of readers have rated this work five stars on Amazon. So if my review doesn't help make the decision to click the buy link, then maybe the statistics will! Shawn Chesser is a stand out author in the zombie genre.

The Bookie Monster's Rating:

Mortal, Book 6 in the Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse series, picks up immediately where "Allegiance: Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse" left off.

Warning Spoilers Ahead.

Outbreak - Day 16: With an estimated ninety-nine percent of the United States’ population having already succumbed to the Omega Virus and reanimated to form roving hordes of flesh-eating monsters, two groups of survivors struggle against long odds to survive the zombie apocalypse.

Returning from a mission to secure the brain power necessary to replicate an antiserum that has successfully brought one Omega-infected man back from the brink of death, the stealth helicopter carrying Captain Cade Grayson and his small team of Delta Force operators responsible for successfully pulling off the daring feat goes missing.

Fearing that the helo has gone down in the zombie-infested countryside somewhere near Pierre, South Dakota, the life—or death—of the men may depend on a decision made by Major Freda Nash, five hundred miles away. Will she send all available resources to search for the missing Ghost Hawk and the eight men aboard? Or will she be forced to put her personal feelings aside for the good of mankind and shift the focus solely to seeing that the aircraft carrying the scientists rescued from the NML, Canada’s answer to the CDC, makes it safely back to Schriever AFB?

Meanwhile, awaiting Cade’s return at Schriever AFB, Brooklyn Grayson and daughter Raven are making final preparations to leave Schriever for the compound near Eden, Utah, when a soldier shows up on their doorstep, unannounced and bearing heartbreaking news.

Four hundred miles northwest of Schriever, Logan Winters, his brother, Duncan, and a group of survivors newly arrived from Jackson Hole struggle to adapt to life at the Eden Compound—forced to deal not only with the threats posed by the insatiable dead, but also with a group of marauders hell-bent on taking everything they hold dear.

Our survivors find out, up close and personal, who is Mortal, and who will survive to fight another day.

Shawn Chesser, a practicing father, has been a zombie fanatic for decades. He likes his creatures shambling, trudging and moaning. As for fast, agile, screaming specimens... not so much. He lives in Portland, Oregon, with his wife, two kids and three fish.

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Length: 404 Pages
Published by: Morbid Press
Publication Date: December 16, 2013

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