How I Started the Apocalypse (1) by Brian Pinkerton

How I Started the Apocalypse, Book 1
by Brian Pinkerton

Genre: Horror, Zombies, Apocalyptic, Humor

How I Started the Apocalypse is honestly the first zombie book in which I sympathized for the zombie! Chaz wakes up dead...well undead...with all his faculties, memories and humanity. Escapes. Tries to put his life back together. And realizes his death wasn't accidental. Great plot to this one.

Pinkerton sheds some new and refreshing light on the zombie genre. I dare anyone to say this isn't some originality in the concept department.

Chaz may have escaped his captors, but that doesn't mean they wont find him. Usually a plight of man surviving the zombies, this twist has Chaz fighting off man.

I couldn't put it down; I marathoned it to the end in one sitting. Fast paced, funny, and still able to deliver the scary, How I Started the Apocalypse deserves a slot in your bookshelf.

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At night, they come for him. They surround his house. They beat down his door. They burst through the windows. They attack him in the dark. But Chaz Singleton is not going down without a fight. Chaz is a lone zombie battling for survival against a hostile humanity. He holds the fate of the world in his hands, whether he likes it or not.

He is dead. He is angry. He is contagious. And he is hungry.

Brian Pinkerton is an American author of fiction in the suspense, thriller, mystery and horror genres. His novels include Abducted, Vengeance, Killer's Diary, Rough Cut and How I Started the Apocalypse. Select titles have also been released as audiobooks and in foreign languages. His debut novel, Killing the Boss, was recently reissued as an eBook.

Brian's short stories have appeared in anthologies including Chicago Blues, PULP! and Zombie Zoology. His screenplays have finished in the top 100 of Project Greenlight and top two percent of the Nicholl Fellowship of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Brian received his B.A. from the University of Iowa and Master's Degree from Northwestern University.

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Length: 165 Pages
Published by: Severed Press
Publication Date: September, 2012

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