EVACUATION by Phillip Tomasso

by Phillip Tomasso, III

Genre: Horror, Zombies

Evacuation picks up literally where Vaccination left off. Chase and his kids, Allison, Dave et al, have been rescued in a military effort to deliver them to safety. But as we all know, safety is a non-existent term inside the zombie apocalypse.

Once again they must fight their way to their destination, a New York Coast Guard base. While their escorts give it their all to get the entire group safely aboard the Coast Guard vessel, it becomes quickly apparent that it won't happen. Brave men sacrifice themselves so Chase and his group may live. I'm left with the question: Is man really that selfless? Would I sacrifice my life for others? Much less strangers? Or would I trip the slowest one and make a break for it? For the sake of saving face I'll say I'd sacrifice myself (wink-wink).
What could be worse than a hair-raising, life-threatening race to a safe zone? Realizing that safe zone didn't even exist upon arrival. Man, Chase just can't seem to catch a break. And just when I thought things couldn't deteriorate further, they do. Our main character suffers a loss of catastrophic proportion. But the show must go on, right? There's no rest for the weary.

Each character Tomasso introduces is wholly convincing and entirely distinct; he is a writer of virtually limitless breadth. The aloof, gruff man who can kill a comrade on the chance he may turn, and not bat an eyelash about it. A compassionate father with a single goal of ensuring his children live. A selfish and scared boat captain who cares for nothing but his own hide. Each new addition to this already well-rounded cast brings a new set of problems for Chase.

Tomasso is a warmhearted writer with an edge. Evacuation is as much emotional and compassionate as it is horrific and ruthless. Chase, with his captivating energy, remains the dominant center of the book, but along the way, his sanity and core threatens to unravel. And if Chase loses it, there is no hope for the group. Evacuation ends in such a way that readers are left with no other option than to read the final installment. It left me with a buildup of anticipation, and questions that must be answered.

This is the third piece of work i have reviewed from Phillip Tomasso. This talented author's work spans the spectrum of genres. Of course, I happen to be partial to his zombie stuff...big surprise, right? Evacuation will be followed by a third and final installment in the trilogy, Preservation. Preservation is due out April, 2014. Only a few months to wait for it! Have no fear, fans, you will surely find a review of the final book up on The Bookie Monster as soon as I get my hot little hands on it.

*Edit* - I forgot to mention...When I opened the book, The Bookie Monster's name jumped into view. Total excitement that Phillip enjoyed my previous review enough to quote it in the beginning of this new book!

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911 dispatcher, Chase McKinney, finds himself in the midst of an apocalypse. Contaminated vials of swine flu vaccination infected millions country-wide. Side effects turned those inoculated into zombies. Some fast. Some slow. Both deadly.

The military escorts Chase, his children and a small band of survivors to a re-opened internment camp. The purpose is to test non-infected humans with the hope of developing a cure for the diseased population.

What they find when they arrive at the camp is worse than their darkest fears ...

Since 1995, Phillip Tomasso has had over 100 books, short stories and articles published. Sounds of Silence is his eleventh published novel. His thrillers Johnny Blade and Adverse Impact won awards in 2002 and 2005. In 2004 and 2005, writing as Grant R. Philips, Tomasso had two books for kids published (King Gauthier & the Little Dragon Slayer and Jay Walker: The Case of the Missing Action Figure). In 2007, his first Christian suspense novel, The Molech Prophecy, was released under the pen name, Thomas Phillips. Working full time as a Fire/EMS Dispatcher for 911, Tomasso lives in Rochester, New York with his three children. In what little spare time he can scrape up, Tomasso enjoys reading, B horror films, and playing guitar.

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Length: 188 Pages
Published by: Severed Press
Publication Date: January 8, 2014

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