SALE: Undead L.A. by Devan Sagliani

Holy crapballs, Batman! Undead L.A. is on sale for $0.99??? That's insane!!

Don't know what Undead L.A. is all about?? Then head on over to my previous FIVE STAR review! And stop lollygagging, buy the book! =)

"On September 20, the zombie virus was released into the dense population of transients on Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles. It spread like unstoppable wildfire in all directions, decimating everything in its path for six full weeks before outside measures were taken to cleanse the scourge. These stories take place in those final times. They are told through the eyes of several different Angelinos, each offering a unique perspective to the events as they unfolded and to the aftermath of the virus. "

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