Gameland Omnibus: Season 1 by Saul Tanpepper

Gameland Omnibus: Season 1 (Episodes 1-8)
by Saul Tanpepper
746 Pages
Published by Brimstone Press November 30, 2012
Genre: Horror, Zombies, Apocalyptic, YA

In the center of Long Island's forbidden wasteland is GAMELAND, a virtual reality arcade where the privileged play horrifying, yet powerfully addictive, high-stakes game using zombies as avatars.

On a whim, six hackers decide to sneak onto the island, but while breaking in is a lot easier than any of them ever imagined, getting back out is one a hell of a killer.


If by the end of my review you still aren't excited enough to purchase the full Gameland Omnibus (8 books...less than $10!), download your free copies right away.  Seriously, what are you waiting for? 

I said it before, and I'll say it again. Gameland is a must read for fans of zombie fiction. It is one of the best reads I have read all year. And seeing as that's counting a collection of over 150 books, that's saying something pretty spectacular.

Gameland Omnibus includes all eight episodes of the first season of Gameland. Picking up where my review of Episode 1 leaves off, the saga continues as Jessie and her group of friends (or are they really her friends? Dun. Dun. Duuuun. That's my version of a suspenseful segue) battle zombies, Arc Entertainment, and other mysterious enemies. Fighting against the clock on their own infections, the group struggles to find a cure, if there is even one out there. Government conspiracies, rebellious teens, futuristic technology, blood and guts; Gameland has it all. Tanpepper offers readers his atypical spin on the popular zombie genre using his background in molecular biology and genetics.

As soon as I finished with Episode 1: Deep into the Game, I knew there was no way I could end things there. I immediately contacted the author, Saul Tanpepper, and told him to send me the remaining books for review. But my impatience got the best of me and before he even had time to send them, I downloaded the free Episode 2 from Amazon, and purchased Episodes 3 & 4. To say this series has my interests piqued would be an understatement. I stayed up until 4am reading Episode 2, went to bed, woke up at 9am and read straight through the weekend until I had finished all eight books.

Five stars just isn't high enough to rate this book. So, Gameland has received The Bookie Monster's Five Stars on Fire rating. A rating only the best of the best receive from this reviewer. It hits the mark on all of my review criteria. Character Development is flawless; characters are three dimensional, relatable and believable. Settings are unique, interesting, and well thought out. Writing Style and editing is impeccable. Concept is new and exciting. Cover Art is eye catching and well designed. 

Gameland is full of twists and turns not even the most clairvoyant of readers will be able to predict. Each episode will leave you on the edge of your seat and drooling for more. If I didn't care so much about my furniture, I would have had several Tom Cruise on Oprah fits of excitement (Don't get the reference? Click to watch the short video). Buckle up readers, you'll need a seat belt for this ride.

STILL not excited to check out Gameland?? What's wrong with you? I'm excited enough for the both of us then! Don't miss this one. I guarantee you will love it (unless you're genre of choice is erotic poetry as you crochet a new doily...then may God have mercy on your soul you sick bastards!).

Hey, Saul...I'm ready for Season two! Get a move on, bub. You don't want to keep this monster waiting. Rawr!

Hugs & Kisses,
The Bookie Monster

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