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Pawned Queen by SK Thomas

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Naïve and dysfunctional Melissa Poe left her childhood home to escape small town dull drums, but quickly learns expecting too much from the big city can be deadly. Soon after she arrives and within hours after getting settled she runs across Detective Max Arnold, who intrigues her like no other man although she experienced firsthand not everyone is what they seem to be. She then met Alice, who ends up being her best friend, but even Alice had secrets she is not willing to part with. After falling in love with John Greene, she realizes much too late that he will risk everything for greed. Jack Jessup was simply there to keep Melissa safe and with all his years of detective work he felt qualified for the job, even though he titters on the verge of failing miserably.

Once Alice disappears, the media grew relentless while Max announces he has to move on from his wife since she left him. As John and Jack prod Melissa to get into Max’s personal space, she knows there is no other option but to go find the truth. No longer can she sit on the brink of insanity waiting for someone else to go behind the door where answers lie. Melissa will fight from becoming a mere pawn as she desperately searches to find answers before time runs out. Because in reality, it’s not a game at all.