Why do I do it? Because of You!

I figured I would shake it up a bit and post something totally unrelated to my usual content...well kinda. This is a blog, after all. What fun would it be if I didn't get to share some ramblings now and then.

Someone recently paid me an exceptional compliment. They said "you are quite possibly the most helpful person I've met on the web. You're really good to us indie authors. Why do you do this? Most people have a stake in the game, but you never ask for anything in return."

This put a huge smile on my face. And to answer that question, I say "That compliment right there is why I do it."

I don't know if all you indies out there are as awesome as those who've gotten in touch with me, but I must have done something right! I don't know if I would go as far as to say I never ask for anything in return, because without the help of some willing authors, I'd still be flailing around a bit. Devan Sagliani, Armand Rosamilia, James Crawford, Jacqueline Druga, Kirk Allmond, Phillip Tomasso have answered so many questions for me. Not to mention they've provided invaluable guidance in building my brand as well as have provided great feedback for by debut novel Time of Death. If I failed to mention your name, it is merely because I could write a novel with all your names!

If the very least I can do is to shout of to the world how incredible they are, then I get the better end of the deal!

When I decided to create my blog, I chose to review books purchased from Amazon/iTunes. After a few posts, I began receiving requests to review authors work. Talk about an ego boost! Every time I receive one of your submissions, it warms my heart that you found me and shared your baby (books lol) with me. My biggest moments of pride come from seeing a reader purchase the book through my link.

Unexpected perks of starting The Bookie Monster:
  • Twitter astounds me. The support I receive from you all is amazing. I get so excited each time someone new follows me.
  • Authors are totally down earth folks like the rest of us. I haven't met met with a 'no' from anyone.
  • There is a whole community of independent authors out there I never knew about. I never considered that aspect before I began doing reviews. I have yet to dislike a book any of you have sent to me, and I am so proud of you all for having written and gotten the world to see your work.
  • There's a shit-ton of bloggers out there. And they have been great to work with! No rivalry or snubbing. I have such a blast talking to the other reviewers and invite them to guest post their reviews on TBM any time they want.
  • And the best unexpected perk of all is that you all are the reason I began writing my book finally. Your drive and tenacity, along with all your encouragement, was just the kick in the pants I needed.

Thank you, my fantastic readers, for being the most bad-ass group that I could have found!

Your friend,
Shay a.k.a The Bookie Monster.