The Walking Dead Review S04E03 11/01/2013

*Spoiler Alert*
Posted by Mike Lewis

Episode 3 continues with the "WHO DONE IT" from episode 2, with two burning bodies and suspicions on who could do such a thing. I don't know what anyone else thought but at this point I was still laying my bets on one of the moody teenagers. Not long after the shock of finding the bodies, we had a face down with Rick getting the brunt of the anger taking out on him by Tyrese (is it me or is this bloke very emotional? Think he could do with some me talk time with the DR?).

So back to the fight...Rick once again felt the anger of the people he is try to save and keep alive. But like last week. we see the darker side of Rick come out to play. After taking a couple of punches, retaliated with all-out anger, he made sure Tyrese knew he was not going to take it any more. I think we can all agree it is good to see this dark side of Rick come out more. It was needed after what seemed to be Rick taking a soft approach.

In the words of a politician who like to repeat themselves, Epidemic Epidemic Epidemic appears to be the theme of the episode. After the first five minutes to the near last ten minutes we had the fun of the Epidemic thrown at us from near every angle, and while I for one welcome the more human side of the story, and how people would act and think in this situation, I can already hear the cries of some people out there. 'Oh come on how much more do we need to know?There is a flu virus going on'. I for one enjoyed watching and listening to the fear of what if I get the flu?, and oh hell I have the flu.

It was good to see carol once again trying to act hard, but seeing the emotional effect of the newly adopted daughter being thrown in with other possible flu victims, I still think Carol will become attached to these girls. Hershel once again proved to be the rational one of the group, and it was no shock to me that he decided to enter the infected flu area and help the now effected Doctor. I just wish he did us a favour when Carl questioned him and had either slapped the lad or let one of the Walkers get him in the forest. Yes I know I mentioned how I can not warm to Carl last week, but is it me but it seems the makers of one of the biggest shows on TV seem to making all teenagers moody with faceless expression's. If you watch Homeland you would see what I mean.

So on with the show and what was the highlight of this weeks episode. The revelation that  the perpetrator was Carol (hmm, I still think moody teenager) was not so shocking, especially with her mini break down, but Rick surprised me with been so calm. I wonder of he will tell the emotional Tyrese or has Carol become too good a friend for even Rick to give up?

We finish out the episode with the car been surrounded by Walkers, and what looked thousands on the way. This was definitely the highlight of the episode but I have one question to you all. How the hell did Tyrese get away?? Or at least not get a bite on him? Still, it was a great action moment and looks like a build up to an all action episode next week. What can we expect from the radio in the car and the message trying to get threw? Will this turn out to be a government message repeating itsself, will it turn out to be the governor playing a trick, or could we see the beginning of a new chapter for our friends and there mission to find a safe heaven?

Till next week, keep safe walker friends. Mike Lewis