Interview: Author Jacqueline Druga

Interview with Jacqueline Druga, author of over 40 titles, including TheFlu and The Forgotten.

Jacqueline Druga is a native of Pittsburgh, Pa and a fulltime author. She has written and published numerous novels in various genres, along with two full length feature films currently available on DVD. More than anything, she prides herself on being a kickbutt grandmother

First thing’s first…tell us about Jacqueline Druga the author and woman. What would you like your readers to know about The Forgotten or you in general?

I’m very down to earth and a push over. My kids yell at me all the time because I’m very easy going. I wasn’t always like that, though. Age has mellowed me. I’m always writing. Always. People are always surprised to find out I have over 40 titles out right now in all genres. I live a creative life. Also, I’m very spiritual, which was a strong basis for The Forgotten

Do you hear from your readers much? What kinds of things do they say?

I hear from my readers all the time. We have nice little chat group on Facebook. They are so super supportive of my work, especially my series. There are times they are brutally honest with me about characters. I listen to what they say. Their opinion is invaluable.

What’s the weirdest question you’ve ever been asked in an interview?

I was once on live radio and asked, would I let my mother in the shelter if she was infected. I said, ‘no’. My mother was not happy.

Do you feel zombie fiction is primarily a make dominated genre? What type of a response have you received being female?

I do. But there are so many powerful women writers in the field. Writers of Zombie fiction, often find themselves stuck in the genre and rarely venture out of it. The response to me is because I am female, that is the reason my stories are character driven. The zombies or whatever end of the world scenario I tackle, are always backdrops.

I felt a strong influence of Stephen King’s The Stand. Was this a reference you wanted to convey?

It’s probably safe to say, The Stand influences a lot of what I write. King does, too. Although I strive to have better endings. My readers, though, may argue that.

How did you come up with the concept of The Forgotten? It’s got quite a specific point of view.

The Bible is the greatest reference tool for me. Thessalonians II ‘The Dead in Christ Shall Rise’ sparked it. It’s funny, people would find it hard to believe that I listen to Christian Music while I write, it’s very motivating. I listen to other stuff too, but typically I pick one Christian song and it plays the entire time I write. The Music of Mark Shultz and ‘I will Rise’ by Chris Tomlin was the inspiration behind The Forgotten. 

In ten words or less: 
  1. Pie or cake?   
    • Cake
  2. Worst job ever? 
    • Wife to Ex-Husband Number 3.
  3. Favorite TV Show?  
    • The Voice
  4. First item on your bucket list? 
    • Share a Bottle of Jack with George W. Bush while sitting on the porch of his ranch.
  5. If you realized that you got a free item by accident after leaving a store, would you go back and pay for it? 
    • Pay for it, without a doubt.
  6. Last thing you dressed up as for Halloween
    • Black Widow from Avengers
What plans do you have in store for readers? Will there be a The Forgotten, Book Two?

There will be a Forgotten Book 2. Without a doubt, and more background stories as one reader suggested. The book was never meant to end the way it did. It just happened.

Did any specific author(s) motivate you to begin writing?

Pat Frank (Alas, Babylon) really was a big starting influence, but Charlton Heston really was. I wanted to create heroes like him.

What's the one question you wish you would get asked but never do?

I think that would be, ‘What do you consider your least favorite book you have written?’
My book, Torn. It’s a love/hate book. People love it or hate it, this is obvious by the star ratings. My ‘then’ husband left me in the middle of my writing it and it totally shows in the lack of emotion. The story is there, it just is factual and unlike my other writing, lacks a degree of warmth. I won’t go back and fix it because it is a testament to how far I have come. At the time I was writing it, I really was ….torn.

Who are you reading right now?

The Road to Nowhere by Lee Argus.

Do you have any advice for other writers?

Write. Make time for your craft, if you want to be a writer, call yourself an author, then write. Give up an hour of sleep, watch an hour less of TV. No excuses for not working at your dream. A physician can have all the medical knowledge in the world, but he really isn’t being a doctor if he doesn’t see patients.

You are hosting a dinner party and must invite 3 famous people. Who would you choose and why?

Wrestler, Shawn Michaels, Bill Murray and actor Adam Baldwin. I would pick Bill because I always loved him. Adam and Shawn, well, they are big influences on characters in my series.

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